Nijmegen - North / Waal bank

On the banks of the Waal at Nijmegen, the duo took samples of plants that grew on both sides of the dikes. In combined residue photos they show the impact that environment has on these identical plants; the two halves of the photo show different colours.

This project also includes work from their series Gifts of the River, specially-made multiple prints of objects washed up onto the banks of the river Waal.

Along the banks of these rivers we have collected leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, and bark from plants and trees and used our residue process to extract their pigments. We have also made analogue photographs of the environment, to give the abstract residue photographs a context. 


Florachromes at Huis Marseille Museum of Photography Amsterdam

Photo documentation by Eddo Hartmann
© arja hop / peter svenson 2013