Crowd funding!!! The year is into it's second half and we're moving with the times... We are super busy working on our upcoming exhibition in Huis Marseille Museum of Photography in Amsterdam, opening 7 December and AAP-lab is moving to an exciting new location on the edge of town coming Autumn. To help finance these bold steps we are offering this unique analogical C-print from our recent trip tot the deep forest of New Zealand for 150 euros, mounted and in a frame. Contrary to the popular perception, the New Zealand rainforest is in a state of crisis. Almost all the birds are gone, and an uncanny silence reverberates in the dense undergrowth thanks to human intervention over a short and destructive period of occupation of the land. Greenstone is a gift from the earth. We had the luck to capture this image, Mangawaiiti, 32 - 40 cm edition twenty five. Contact us

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