Van Gogh AiR Zundert

Artist in Residency juli 2020

Exhibition august 2020

St. Elisabethlaan 1a Zundert, Noord-Brabant

During the month of July we have been invited as artists’ in residence at the Van Gogh AIR in Zundert. The following month, from 1 to 31 august 2020, the results of our work will be exhibited in the Van Gogh Gallery, located in the Sexton’s House next to the church on the Vincent Van Gogh plein in Zundert. You are cordially invited to the opening of our exhibition on the 1st of August, and welcome to visit during our period of residence.

‘By Photosynthesi’ (our working title) is an examination of aspects of nature around the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh that return in his later work as a painter.

FloraChromes; From the monumental trees surrounding the church, several of which date from the period when Vincent was a boy, we are producing Flora Chromes. Photographic prints of the natural dyes from the trees, transferred onto clear film and reproduced on colour film. We have taken samples from the same trees both several weeks before and several weeks after the equinox to examine the chromatic response of the trees to the transition of the season, from the period of days becoming longer to that of them becoming shorter. In doing this we draw a parallel with the transition from youth to adulthood.

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