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Alcea Rosea, Amsterdam summer 2018
The Alcea rosea is a very common plant in the streets of Amsterdam. Initially, the plant is often sown as a popular facade garden appearance. The plant itself sows itself easily, but many passers-by literally lend a hand to the propagation of the plant by plucking off a seed box and scattering the seeds elsewhere. And although the plant is common, the dark-colored almost black flower, which this dye is made of, is not easy to find. 
Through cross-pollination, the red shades take over. The seeds look like discs with brackets and are located in the seed box as in a carousel. For the photogram on film we took a picture of the exact number of seeds from one seed pod.
Hop en Svenson folder -3 (1).jpg
Hop en Svenson folder -2.jpg
Alcea rosea.jpg
© arja hop / peter svenson 2013
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