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Arja Hop

0031 628441883


Peter Svenson

0031 638820246

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Nieuwe kerkstraat 64B

1018EC Amsterdam


Rechte tocht 7K

1507 BZ Zaandam


Artist duo Arja Hop and Peter Svenson have been working since 2015 on analogue photographic research projects in which they aim to give a voice to nature and, in particular, the plant world. As a duo, Arja Hop and Peter Svenson working on long-term projects that depict the colours of plants and their habitats with determining the corresponding influences on the tonality of the dye, the specific compounds and meaning it contains.


Arja Hop (born 1968, Hierden, NL) studied at the St. Joost Academy in Breda, and one year of biology (KHT) and philosophy (UvA). 2013 began her observations, documentations and work on colours extracted from plants and their specific locations. Since 2013, Arja Hop has been doing artistic research on colours extracted from plants growing in a defined area.

Peter Svenson, (1956, Palmerston North, NZ) Trained in photographic technology at Wellington Polytechnic , NZ. One year physics at Auckland University NZ, printer Amsterdam photolabs 1982 -2004, founder Aap-lab 2005. Since 2015 working together with Arja Hop as artist.

They found each other as soulmates in their fascination with experimenting with plants, colour and analogue techniques in the most elementary sense. Peter: 'I was inspired by the meticulous photographic documentation of plants and together we found a method to capture plant colours. We developed a system with a binder that does not affect or degrade the colour extracted directly from plants and makes it analogously reproducible. We designed and built our own repro unit to capture plant colours in photographs.' About their collaboration, Svenson says: 'It helps to be in pairs. There is this 'ego' between us that flattens out the individualistic element.'

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