'In the realization of our work we apply analogical photography in its most basic form. We study nature with natural physical and chemical processes. The images are determined by the nature of the material rather than our perception of it. 

Our work is [...] not created but discovered.'



'Colour is one of the purest and most primitive forms of communication we have. It signals danger with the yellow and black of wasps bodies, while pretty pink flowers invite pollination.

Throughout mankind's evolution, we've come to associate particular colours with emotional responses ans triggers. Yet it's also one of the most subjective and disputed visual sensations there is.'

Residue, biochromatical colour scale.


Our Residue projects consists of a photographic research of plants, exploring their physicality, beauty and the response they provoke in human emotions. We examine the relationship between people and plants in specific geographical areas, the appreciation of the nature in the direct environment and how this relationship is in other parts of the world. Its about examining the coloration of natural dyes of flora inherent to various plants at ruderal areas in the form of a

biochromatical colour scale