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The Rhine, 'what a wonderful world'
The Rhine is a series of seventeen photographs, made on a Cargo ship  from the source to the estuary of the river Rhine.
It are registrations with a technical camera and long exposures on the deck of the ship. Here you can see some of it already:

'From Koblenz to Die Lorelei, and The Ruhr under an almost full moon', and 'Destination'.
It is also a 60-hour continuous recording in which the entire journey from Amsterdam to Mannheim is filmed.
 From Koblenz to Die Lorelei( under an almost full moon ) .jpg
 ruhr gebied.jpg
The Rhine, Tiel-Mannheim, 10 km p.h., in progress
what a wonderful world concept sketch.jpg
© Arja Hop and Peter Svenson 2013
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