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New Amsterdam
Resodies old amsterdam 1.jpg
Florachrome Residues Amsterdam old city

New Amsterdam is part of the long-term project Residue Amsterdam. It is a colour grid of analogical photographs made from plants which were given a rare opportunity to grow in the oldest part of the city, normally overrun by tourists and daily clinically cleaned with chemical disinfectants. Within two months of lock-down the Amsterdam red light district came alive with long-dormant plant life growing against the façades and from between the cracks in the ancient pavement. We used this opportunity to also photograph this otherwise unaccessible region of the city which has resulted in six gelatine silver fiber-based prints called ‘spontaneously occurring plants in Amsterdam’, measuring 50 x 50 cm framed in an open frame.

map amsterdam C.jpg
Spontaneously occurring plants in Amsterdam

© arja hop / peter svenson 2013

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