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Felwa triptych, the brook with three names, 2015 – in progress.

This project examines three themes, this is theme two.

  • The Hierdense Beek is a 27 kilometer long natural waterway springing from marshlands nearby the Uddelermeer, a deep lake steeped in mythology formed by ice during the last ice age. The name of the stream changes from the Staverdense Beek at its source to the Leuvenumse Beek through its middle section to the Hierdense Beek by the village Hierden at its mouth. The iron bearing stream is an important ecological connection between the land and the sea, and has been home to humans for more than nine thousand years.

As well as examining the plant life on the banks of the river and its transit though forest and farmland we are documenting the stories of people for whom the stream is a part of their lives, as it has been for centuries.

Plant colour residues

© arja hop / peter svenson 2013

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