Falwa triptych – the field, 2015 – ongoing.

This project examines three themes this is theme one.

  • Since 2015 we have been documenting the transition from farm land to nature reserve, of a block of land farmed by Arja’s family for hundreds of years , and now under control of the Dutch nature conservation department. This process of re-wilding is intended to revert the land, called Bloemkampen, back to natural marsh lands connecting the forests of the Veluwe with the Veluwemeer (Zuiderzee, back in the days), returning it to an environment where wildlife can re-establish their natural life cycle.  

We have photographed the land once every three months as a black and white panorama 12 x 60 cm with a large format technical camera using a green filter to differentiate as much as possible the tonality of the grasses and other plants. Next to this we register the colour of the land with a single 4 x 5 inch photograph taken from always the same position in the middle of the field.

The field was in the past irrigated by the second theme of this project, the Hierdense Beek which flows from the Veluwe to the Veluwemeer (Zuiderzee) close by.

the field spring 2021 1
the field spring 2021 2
the field spring 2021 3
the field spring 2021 4
the field spring 2021 5
the field spring 2021 6
the field winter 2020/2021-1
the field winter 2020/2021-2
the field winter 2020/2021-3
the field winter 2020/2021-4
the field winter 2020/2021-5
the field winter 2020/2021-6
the field spring 2019-1
the field spring 2019-2
the field spring 2019-3
the field spring 2019-4
the field spring 2019-5
the field spring 2019-6
the field autumn 2018 - 1
the field autumn 2018 - 2
the field autumn 2018 - 3
the field autumn 2018 - 4
the field autumn 2018 - 5
the field autumn 2018 - 6
the field summer 2016-1
the field summer 2016-2
the field summer 2016-3
the field summer 2016-4
the field summer 2016-5
the field summer 2016-6

Bloemkampen Spring 2015

Bloemkampen Summer 2015

Bloemkampen Autumn 2015

Bloemkampen Winter 2015-2016

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