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PostScript - Salix alba chrysocoma ‘tristis’

The weeping willow of about 80 years old that stood in the cemetery around the Van Gogh church in Zundert. In 2020, we extracted the dye from the leaf, before and after the solstice, to make color residues (vegetable dye applied to analogous 4-5” flat film). We noticed that fungi were growing out of the trunk.

In the spring of 2021, we also made a residue from the blossom as the tree was doomed. A tribute to this willow tree that spontaneously split in half on 9 August.

Postcards of Salix alba chrysocoma ‘tristis’ on cross section of the trunk
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Blossom Salix alba chrysocoma ‘tristis’ at the Van Gogh church, Zundert
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Residue blossom Salix alba chrysocoma ‘tristis’
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Salix alba chrysocoma ‘tristis’
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© arja hop / peter svenson 2013
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