Falwa triptych,  the burial mounds, 2015 – ongoing.
This project examines three themes, this is theme three.
  • Using romantic imagery searching for  connections between the landscape, the history and the age old stories in the mythology of the Veluwe we are drawn to the ancient burial mounts scattered widely across the landscape. On a moonlit night when all is still except for the half imagined distant howl of a long gone wolf Donar and his billy goat cart can seem quite real and present, the forest spirits and evil gnomes from the underworld one glance through the mist away.

Photographing analogically we try and allow this feeling of vulnerability to infiltrate our process , to express the deep feeling of ancient connection that we experience with this environment.

Taking colours from the plants, or just look at it like with the Lycopodium clavatum (red list), in this place touches on a world unchanged in thousands of years yet always hidden by the façade of normality.

Oude Zwolseweg, Stakenberg
grafheuvel swolse weg.jpg
Solse Gat, Drie
grafheuvel solse gat website.jpg

Liesberg, Stakenberg

Common beech / Fagus sylvatica 1, leaf

Common beech / Fagus sylvatic 2, leaf

Common beech / Fagus sylvatic 3, leaf

Birch 1 / Betula

Birch 2 / betula

Oak / Quercus 1, leaf

Cross-leaved heather / Erica

Common heather / Calluna vulgaris

Blueberry / Vaccinium corymbosum, leaf

Purple moor-grass / Molinia caerulea

"Gravel, mister, that can grow, and it always grows on the sunny side of a hill."  
anonymous gravel worker
© arja hop / peter svenson 2013