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Rumex (spec.) and Artimisia vulgaris (in progress)
In this Residues project we assume two common native plant species. The Rumex spec. and the Artimisia vulgaris. Because these plants occur all over the Netherlands and are not choosy with regard to soil type and other environmental factors, these plants are ideally suited to use as comparison material. The accuracy with which we collect data about these environmental factors is important. Time, meridians, soil type and human interaction such as urban, rural, agricultural or industrial areas, all say something about the vegetable dye that the plants produce and thus about the Residue. Initial test results indicate that the color extract of the Rumex obtusifolius is often reddish in hue and that of the Artemisia vulgaris is usually greenish. For this project we want to collaborate with scientists on spectrophotometry and chromatography., color, ecology and emotion. (project in progress...)
Rumex & Artemisia-1.jpg
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