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Spijk, where the river Rhine flows into the low-lands


This project falls under an umbrella of projects with the working title 'Rhine ecologies'. In this compact project we focused on the river bank at Spijk, exactly where the Rhine flows into the Netherlands and where the Rhine river delta starts at the same time. We started to identify plants at this location to get an idea of the species that occur there. We have been confirmed in our idea of finding specific species related to the Rhine, the so called Catchment flora. Their habitiat is the riverbank and they allow themselves to be carried along with the flow of the Rhine and spread as a species from Central Europe to then also establish themselves in the Netherlands at the riverbanks.

This series of plant colour residues is the result, there are both typical stream valley flora plants included in this series as well as widely known native plants that we found on the riverbank.

Plant colour residues of Stream valley flora
© Arja Hop and Peter Svenson 2013
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